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 "My name is David and when I got my 3rd DUI I hired Pat Silva to fight for me and he did! He got my 3rd DUI dropped, all I had to do was plead no contest to a few moving violations. I had a bac of .17 and he still got it dropped that's why I call him the specialist! "   One of the best dui lawyers in the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse.   ONLINE REVIEWS!

Best Dui Lawyer Explains Is reducing a felony dui to a misdemeanor very difficult? Does it have to be the same attorney who represented me accomplish it?

Q. 2nd dui... bodily injury....served 92 days in custody...all classes (18 mo program) completed...restrictions removed from license...3 yr formal probation ends in early this procedure very expensive & time consuming?

A. No it does not have to be the same attorney. Different attorneys charge different amounts, you’ll have to call and ask for prices directly. It’s a matter of convincing a judge to do something they don’t have to do and a prosecutor to do something they generally don’t want to do. The only way I’d suggest you do it without representation is if there was an agreement to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor upon successful completion of all or part of the probationary period and you did so.

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