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When should I hire a Dui Lawyer

Good morning Attorney Patrick Silva coming at you from DUI TV. One of the most asked questions I get is, When should I hire a Dui Lawyer? Well think about this just like anything when it comes to the legal system the earlier the better. Why because if you hire us within 10 days of the arrest there’s certain things that I do. One is that we call the DMV through the back door channel and we set up an administrative per se hearing, what’s that going to do, well I tell you what, that’s going to take that little pink piece of paper that’s your 30 day license and it’s going to turn into about a three month license. Then guess what that is going to allow me to get the police report mailed directly to my office, When I get it I burn a copy send it to you and what else then I can use the power of the subpoena thru the DMV to get copies of the dash cam, the video cam, belt recording, body mics, the calibration logs on the breathe machine, I can get gas chromatographs from the blood machine. That is all the stuff an attorney can do if he comes in early on the process. When you do that early in the process then guess what, that documentation that I get early from the DMV allows me to set up early for an attack in the court system. A lot of times I go into court and I have everything I need already before the D.A.’s even seen it. So I can grab a report from the DMV review it and say, Oh look at that we got officer so and so. I know he has problems with bad pull overs let do a DMV hearing on him. Let do a motion to surpress, let’s challenge the ability to stop so back to the original question when. I would say the earlier the better in the DUI process. Attorney Patrick Silva Have a Great Day.