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 "My name is David and when I got my 3rd DUI I hired Pat Silva to fight for me and he did! He got my 3rd DUI dropped, all I had to do was plead no contest to a few moving violations. I had a bac of .17 and he still got it dropped that's why I call him the specialist! "   One of the best dui lawyers in the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse.   ONLINE REVIEWS!

Q:  After having 3 beers in 4 hours, I decided to drive. It had been 2 hours from my last beer. However, I had been at work all day, and barely slept the night before. I ensured I felt sober before driving, but I must’ve been really tired, as during the drive, I dozed off and crashed on the side of the road. I didn’t hit any other cars, but my car was stuck. As I was trying to get my car out, a CHP cruiser pulled over next to me. They gave me a sobriety test and in my shock from the accident, I was having trouble understanding the directions. The officer was getting frustrated with me and made me use the breathalyzer and arrested me. I was taken to the hospital where they gave me a blood test. After, I was taken to the police station to be processed and held overnight. I currently live paycheck to paycheck and barely scrape by. Considering my circumstances, I’m unsure if it’s worth it to pursue a lawyer or just accept the public defender. I’m also unsure if I should try for a hearing at the DMV, as I’m unsure if I have a defense. I’m wondering if I have a case for a wet reckless. This is my first DUI offense and this is all new to me and I‘m just trying to get the best result possible.

A:  1. Fight the DMV and get a hearing within 10days or you'll loose your license 

2. Get a free consultation with a few attorneys, to see how much it'll cost you. 

3. If you cannot afford an attorney then default to the public defender. Remember the public defender won't help you with your DMV hearing.